Will Strong Growth Create Jobs?

Posted by | August 06, 2015 | Employment News | No Comments

If you have experience in the services sector and looking to get back into employment/change jobs then now is probably a good time to take that leap. Following on from last week’s post regarding the influx of cruise ships into Dublin’s port and the projected increase of jobs in the services sector for the area, Investec have today published the July Purchasing Manager’s Index for the services sector in Ireland. The figures are more than encouraging as they show the highest growth rate of the last 9 years.

This shows that employers in the services sector are looking to the future with optimism. Hopefully this will lead to more and more employers in the sector committing to taking on more staff and creating much needed jobs around the country. In an industry where there is strong growth and a positive outlook within the market, jobs are almost certain to follow. The services sector has shown positive growth figures every month for the past 3 years and activity is at levels last seen approximately 15 years ago.

The figures published cover activity in the services sector ranging from banks to hotels so hospitality firms are looking at good growth levels and creation of jobs also.

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