Strong Growth in Construction Sector Will Create Exciting Opportunity for School Leavers and Diaspora

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This is a great time for anyone who is considering a career in the Irish construction Industry.

If you are a school leaver who is considering a career in construction or if you are a skilled trades person who emigrated during the economic down turn, this is an excellent time to be considering returning to Ireland.

According to a report commissioned by The Construction Industry Federation and which was carried out by DKM Consultants in conjunction with SOLAS there is a potential to create demand for up 112,000 extra jobs by 2020.  The demand will be created to deliver the ambitions targets set out by the government’s €43 Billion Capital Programme, the Rebuilding Strategy and to meet the demands from foreign direct investment.

The DKM report estimates the Irish construction industry will require the following jobs categories up to 2020:

  • 7,800 Bricklayers
  • 8,700 Professionals and Associate Professionals
  • 9,400 Painters and Decorators
  • 9,600 Managers
  • 11,800 Plumber
  • 13,900 Plasters/Floor and Tilers
  • 15,200 Electricians
  • 18,100 Operatives
  • 27,600 General labourers
  • 30,800 Carpenters and Joiners

According to the DKM report the construction industry shrunk considerably in 2013 and it is now witnessing a dramatic increase in employment rates in the industry.  According to Annette Hughes who was the author of the DKM report.

“The industry is concerned that as activity ramps up quickly there will be a lag in the necessary skilled workers in the labor market and amongst those coming out of full-time education and training to meet the demand over the medium term.”

Employers also need to be vigilant, they should be monitoring terms and conditions of their present workforce as well as assessing the future business needs.

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