Ryanair Vs CRH – Battle Royale!!

Posted by | January 06, 2015 | Company News | No Comments

Who wants to see Michael O’Leary and Nicky Hartery go toe-to-toe? Well it is happening as we speak… metaphorically speaking of course! A heated battle is raging between Ryanair and building materials giant CRH to be Ireland’s biggest company. CRH have held the position for some time now but Ryanair have been making huge strides to strip CRH of the title.

At one stage yesterday €400m separated the two companies in terms of worth. Ryanair has seen its share value increase by 53% in the previous 12 months and was valued at €14bn at one stage yesterday while at the same time CRH was valued by the market at €14.4bn.

Click here for the full article in today’s Irish Independent. It’s great to see two Irish companies performing so well and developing themselves as market leaders in their respective industries.