Pointy Secures €100k Investment

Posted by | April 02, 2015 | Company News | No Comments

Irish start-up company Pointy has received a significant boos to the tune of €100,000 as they aim to get independent Irish retailers selling more on-line. There is an estimated €3.6 billion leaving the country each year through on-line shopping, Pointy are aiming at keeping that €3.6 billion in the country. How? By making it easier to get independent Irish retailers and their products on-line in less than 5 minutes!

Pointy have developed a device which plugs into the shop’s barcode scanning system, this device reads all the product information and creates a site for the retailer with all the products listed for sale. The investment comes from AIB and Frontline Ventures. Co-founder Mark Cummins said they have had clients with thousands of products go on-line in literally 5 minutes.

Mr. Cummins said almost 90% of consumer spending is conducted offline, showing the huge potential of growth for e-commerce yet to take-off. Out of the estimated €6 billion spent by Irish people on-line every year, it is estimated that €3.6 billion of that leaves the country. Pointy are hoping that their product will result more of that money staying in the country. It takes all the hassle away from the retailers and their products are there on-line in minutes making them more visible to local shoppers.

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