Jobs scheme hits target two years early of getting 2,500 off dole

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A GOVERNMENT-LED jobs scheme has taken more than 2,500 long-term unemployed people off the live register in the past 12 months – two years ahead of schedule.

The Department of Social Protection has claimed that the core target to take 2,500 individuals off the dole queue by 2016 has now been exceeded.  Figures released to the Irish Independent revealed that the JobsPlus programme has engaged 1,811 employers nationwide since its launch in July.

By the end of May, JobsPlus concluded agreements with 2,385 long-term unemployed people.

“In excess of 2,500 employees will be supported when June data becomes available in the coming days,” the department said .JobsPlus provides a direct monthly financial incentive to employers who recruit employees from those who are long term on the live register. It provides employers with two levels of payment.

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