Job hunters at their most ambitious on Monday mornings

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Irish people are at their most ambitious and expansive on Monday morning, or it is the time of the week when we most hate our jobs? Either way it is when job seekers are most likely to use the internet to search for a new role. The peak time for online job hunting is between 8am and 11am on Monday morning, according user research from recruitment website

Figures this month show that the unemployment rate is falling sharply, shaking up the jobs market which has been largely moribund since the crash in 2008. The Irish jobless rate is now lower than the Eurozone average and there was a 40pc year on year increase in job searches to August 2014, according to

Traditional sectors including retail, transport and sales are the most popular searches. Construction is the sixth most popular search. The growing economy and predictions that a Government drive for more house building and commercial property development will boost the construction sector, to see the expected rate fall to 10pc next year.

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