Got Your Valentine’s Day Planned?

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A dreaded day for most and others intimidated by it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Lets face it, the ladies look forward to it more as the expectation levels are increasingly heavy on the gentlemen with the demand for romance is at it’s annual peak.

We recognise that jobs seekers are also romance seekers! Not being totally confident in their ability to deliver (for the majority, still a few gents out there) we have put together a few wise words for our ‘gentlemen’ readers;

  • Think Intimate, Not Expensive

A meal prepared by yourself can be both highly impressive as well as intimate. Even a small picnic, indoors or outdoors, can will be appreciated just as much as being taken for a meal. However, beware of the effort scoring here. You cannot afford to risk the ‘cheap’ tag. If using pre-ready meals, don’t expect a positive reaction! Effort = Reward

  • Feeling Creative?

All it takes is a few lines, write a small note for your significant other. A love note should consist of a cherished memory with your significant other, something you love about him/her and how they make you feel. Presto! A good time for this is when sitting into your food. This does not void your duty to by a card though!

  • Set The Mood

Invest in a few candles, flowers, nice bubble bath… you know where this is going! Just make sure you are prepared, you don’t want to run out of hot water half through filling the bath and they wonder why you’re making trips in and out of the bathroom with the kettle! Be selective with your candles too, scented candles are nice but too many with contrasting scents can cause slight headaches and discomfort. Remember this is not just an energy bill reduction exercise!

  • Don’t Forget A Gift!

Seems obvious but still need to say it for some readers! Jewelery is always a safe bet but so too can be chocolates & bottle of wine, etc. Whatever you get, top it off with a gift that won’t cost you a cent, something personal like a voucher for a back rub… from you! They will cash this in on Valentine’s evening for sure.

  • 14th, not the 15th!

The smooth operator will try and put off the acknowledgement of the day until the 15th when the flowers and chocolates are all half price! Many excuses have been used over the years to get away with this but they are all used up now! Avoid the ‘cheap’ tag.

There you go fellas, 5 simple tips to take on board for the weekend. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

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