Preparing For Common Interview Questions?

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Have you got a job interview coming up? Part of your preparations would be equipping yourself with answers for some of the more common questions to be thrown at you in an interview. However, today the Irish Independent has published a list of questions reported to have been asked by innovative and forward thinking employers in an interview.

Expecting the Unexpected?…

The data has been taken from a survey ran by research company Glass Door. Each year they compile a list of the strangest questions asked during an interview and invite suggestions for appropriate answers that can be given. Some of the questions that got asked ranged from a simple “What’s your favourite 90’s jam?”, to the more complicated and though provoking “A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune. What happened?”. The later would seem a very confusing question to some people and no clue as to where to start with your answer. Others would simple answer with “He was playing Monopoloy.”

How To Prepare

While it is not the best policy to learn particular answers off by heart, a good way of dealing with these types of interviews is to read up on the company’s mission statement and tailor your answers that puts you right in their focus. For example, Facebook’s mission statement “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”, this should give you a guidline of how to answer obscure questions.

For more questions from the survey see the full article from the Irish Independent. Visit the main CLS Recruitment website for a list of jobs available nationwide.