Bubble Or Boom In The Car Industry?

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Hugely positive figures were released by Motorcheck.ie showing over 96,000 new cars were purchased in 2014. Over 835,000 used cars changed hands in 2014 representing a 6.4% increase from 2013. The most popular vehicles last year were the VW Golf, Nissan Qashqai, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and the Toyota Corolla.

Cartell.ie have also released figures relating to car sales in Ireland showing that the average age of cars in the Irish fleet is 9.38 years. The average number of previous owners per car is 2.64 and on average a car is held by an owner for 3.55 years before changing again. The same report shows that there is a car in Ireland that has had 34 previous owners!! Is this your car?

Hopefully for the car industry these fugures can be sustained, as this level of activity certainly creates jobs in an area that has suffered hugely in recent years. Click here for The Journal‘s article on the Motorcheck.ie figures and click here for their article on the figures from Cartell.ie.