BAM Purchase Shows Confidence In Construction

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Building Contractor Group, BAM have purchased 6 new cranes in a €3m deal that will see the 6 cranes go into immediate use on existing projects in Dublin, Cork and Waterford.

Counting Cranes

The number of cranes erected into the skyline can often be used as a way of roughly measuring economic growth. The Irish Times conduct a little survey from the seventh floor of their building on Tara Street, Dublin every month. 1st April saw 40 cranes within view of the seventh floor and this number is expected to increase in the near future.

BAM’s recent purchase shows a high level of confidence from one of the sector’s giants that growth is imminent and sustainable. Certainly worth investing €3m anyway!


For more on the article see the Irish Times. See the main CLS Recruitment site for full list of jobs available nationwide.