Are you ready? Here are the top 50 jobs of the future

Posted by | June 24, 2014 | Employment News, Job Seeking Tips | No Comments

A job for life is now an unimaginable thing for most teenagers.

Thirty years ago, ‘Apple’ was still a fruit. Fifteen years ago, Google was a funny word. However, the future won’t all be gleaming IT offices with fussball tables and hoodies.

After seven years of crisis, job prospects may seem bleak for the teens of today, who’ve seen record jobless rates, mass migration and households struggling to survive.But with unemployment easing and the economy showing signs of recovery, can our school leavers begin to look at the future with some positivity?

A rise in online spending, the roll-out of faster broadband, and expansions by some of the biggest hitters in the sector – in systems, software, cloud computing, big data analytics, social technologies and IT security – will go some way to tackle our unemployment rate.

Ireland’s internet economy is set to more than double in value by 2020, to just over €21bn, with up to 79,000 new jobs to be added, according to a recent study by UPC.

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