Aerogen – The Standard Bearer In Drug Delivery Require Staff For Growth

Posted by | November 26, 2014 | Company News | No Comments

Galway based Aerogen has developed what is being described as the ‘Gold Standard’ for drug delivery to patients on ventilators. Aerogen employs over 100 staff working on 40 products a decade on from when they first brought their product to market.

The product is used in a large share of hospitals that deal with respiratory problems. Aerogen’s nebuliser can be very effective for those on life support or premature babies in intensive care as the size and speed of delivery of the vapour once it has converted the drug into aerosol form.

With plans to expand in the huge US healthcare market and develop products for use in the Emergency Room and home care, Aerogen are looking for additional staff with experience in marketing medical technology and also product development engineers.

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