57,100 Jobs Created In Ireland

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According to the latest CSO figures, employment is at it’s highest level in the last 6 years.The rate of jobs added in the last year is over 1,000 per week according to the statistics with the total figure at 57,100 for the 12 months.

The statistics agency’s latest Quarterly National Household Survey to the end of June shows there are now 1,958,700 people at work in Ireland. Have you been one of the many new recruits across the country?

Over the last year the number of people who were unemployed declined by 43,300, with the latest monthly unemployment rate for July standing at 9.5 per cent. If you are still part of the 9.5% then please check out our list of available jobs we are currently sourcing candidates for, or fine-tune your CV with our CV writing tips. Your new job awaits you.

Youth Unemployment

All of the above would suggest that the labour market is improving from the jobseeker’s perspective with jobs being created in their thousands. However, Deputy Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland, James Doorley, has raised concerns over the number of jobs being created for Ireland’s youth. Mr. Doorley states that youth unemployment has drifted back up to 22% since dropping down to 20% from a 30% high in 2012. This could be down to season jobs being more prevalent in the young labour force. Lets hope this is the case and that work will continue to drive down youth unemployment in line with general unemployment.

For the full article relating to the CSO figures see the Journal.