150 New Jobs At Energlaze In €390m Plan

Energlaze, a retrofitting and installer of windows and conservatories nationwide, will create 150 new jobs over the next three years as part of a €390m plan to install renewable energy systems in up to 13,000 homes.

The plan will see the firm install Mayo inventor John Quinn’s Photonomi Group’s Hone daylight power systems, which provide heating, hot water and electricity for homes from daylight receptor panels on houses’ roofs. The system can also be used to provide free power to charge a number of electric cars.

Energlaze is an approved installer of home insulation, heating and energy upgrades, and will be able to complete 25 system installations a week – 1,300 a year – at full capacity, and stands to receive up to €390m in revenues from the 13,000-home deal over the next 12 years.

Photonomi Group stands to earn €220m from the plan, as payment for its Hone systems equipment, it is understood.

Grants from Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland totalling about €48m will be available to householders towards the scheme. The ESB will also provide a small credit to customers who take part in the scheme.

Communications, Climate Action and Environment Minister Richard Bruton visited Photonomi’s A1-certified ‘nZeb’ house in Kiltimagh, Co Mayo, early last month, saying: “This is a very impressive technology. At a stage where we are looking at 1.7 million homes, which need to dramatically improve their heating performance, this is an approach that is different from the traditional one.

“The Hone panels provide much more power than your standard solar panel, and it’s integrated into a standard home without too much disruption. Those are impressive things for a consumer, because part of the fear of retrofitting is that it would be disruptive. This is the future,” he said.

Almost 14,000 Hone systems are operating worldwide. Photonomi Group – which is backed by former ESB boss Padraig McManus – employs 125 people here and abroad.


Source: Independent