100 Jobs For Dublin

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | Employment News | No Comments

Jobs are being created yet again and today it is Dublin’s turn. US technology firm DocuSign are set to create the 100 jobs in Dublin as it opens their Dublin Office in an effort to expand their European operations. DocuSign will make the Dublin office their European hub to support their business of helping companies go fully digital by automating their manual & paper processes.

The primary reason for choosing Dublin as the location for their new European hub was the availability of talent and they are looking to recruit aggressively. They aim to have the first of the jobs filled and staff started in a few weeks.

Today’s post follows from yesterday’s blog relating to yet another technology firm, IDT911 creating 60 jobs in Galway as they make their European HQ in Ireland also. It is a clear indication that Ireland is viewed by multinational tech firms as a European location rich in talented workers. Go to RTE News for the full article.

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