100 Jobs Created For Dublin

Posted by | October 28, 2015 | Employment News | No Comments

Glassdoor has announced the creation of 100 jobs for Dublin over the next 3 years. Recruitment for the initial vacant 30 – 35 jobs has begun already and are expected to be filled over the coming 12 months. The remaining positions will be filled in the following two years.

After looking at various other locations such as London, Glassdoor decided on Dublin as they felt it stood out as a Tech Hub. The company has been described as the Tripadvisor for the workplace as it allows employees to anonymously post reviews on their employers, including details such as expected salary, likely interview questions and the effectiveness of senior management.

The initial jobs will primarily be focused around Sales, Marketing and Business Development but the overall workforce will be a highly skilled technical team of people.

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For the full article on the jobs created at Glassdoor see the Irish Times.